Isaac the Pirate

I’ve known of these books for a while now, Ronnie was singing their praises a while back and man was he right. After reading Gus I finally broke down and had to get to these other books by Christophe Blain. What amazingly compelling story he has created here! Stunning drawing and wonderful writing that make these characters feel so real. I got through the two volumes this weekend and man it was just like stepping into another world. I didn’t want to leave it … I sure can’t wait for a new installment, but then again … if I had to choose between a new “Gus and his gang” or a new “Isaac the pirate” book I’d have a meltdown trying to decide. But one thing is clear these graphic novels definitely go into the “despiring” category [half inspiring half depressing (cause they're so darn unachievably good)]. Anyway, some shopping here, here and here in case you don’t have these already. Oh and one last note, a less ecstatic one, I must say ComicsLit, the US publishers for these books, makes these books on the cheap and more importantly they should hire themselves a designer. They are ruining these simple and beautiful covers. Makes me want to get hold of the original french BD.

8 Responses to “Isaac the Pirate”

  1. willborough Says:

    Blain is amazing!


  2. Alabama Says:

    Vero, amazing. Isaac √® edito anche in Italia e l’ho apprezzato molto anch’io.
    (in uno dei miei ultimi post recensisco un po’ di volumi presi alla fiera Lucca, se hai tempo dai un’occhiata, magari qualcosa ti tenta :) )

  3. Jonathan McNally Says:

    Surely Blain is incredible.

    I do wish they’d publish
    a translation of Isaac book 3.


  4. Eduardo Medeiros Says:

    Isaac the pirate is one of the best thing that i read in a few years!
    i really love the characters and the domain of light and shade that Christian blaine have.
    I always read your blog, Enrico.You have a amazing work dude.

    take care.

  5. Jeremy Bernstein Says:

    Hey Enrico,

    I just bought “Gus” the other day and I couldn’t put it down. It’s really, REALLY, REALLY good! And you’re right about ‘despiring’…..geez that guy can draw! I was drooling over each page. I now have to own everything he puts out. But DAMN it’s depressing how talented he is!

  6. Gerald Says:

    Talking about good french comic, I am pretty sure the Italian you are will love Pinocchio by Winschluss (aka Vincent Paronnaud, the co-director of Persepolis movie) you will find some previews here :

    Enjoy !

  7. Enrico Says:

    alabama- buono! grazie per le tue recensioni !!! :)

    Jonathan- I know … I can’t wait for more … I also hear there’s a Gus book 3 in France …

    Eduardo- certainly agree. thanks man.

    Jeremy- same here same here …

    Gerald- oooh, I will check this out … thanks for the suggestion!


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