Yayyyy Obama!

Wow, what a night last night … amazing. Marit and I were so happy and proud that we got teary. I am not a citizen but my daughter is and I’ve made this country my home for more than a decade. I have so much hope for the future, hope that this historic day will bring the real change that we and our children need so badly. But first … time to celebrate … for a few days a least.

8 Responses to “Yayyyy Obama!”

  1. William Bradford Says:

    Hurray indeed. The hostell I was staying at for the convention was full of international people, and everyone was quite please.

    Thanks for trading my sketchbook for yours, lord knows you were trading down. I was the guy with the kitten-laser pointer book

  2. Giuseppe Ferrario Says:

    Che faccia eccezionale!

  3. Alessandra Sorrentino Says:

    ma che vestitini meravigliosi che ha questa bimbaaa!!!

  4. Bill Robinson Says:

    Hooorayy!! Also, Fio is ridiculously cute. Great expression!

  5. cK Says:

    It is a new day


  6. david bernal Says:

    aaaww!! BEAUTIFUL photo!! SOooo cute!

  7. Scott Renk Says:

    What a beautiful photo to sum up the hope and promise of the night. My wife and I also teared up as soon as we heard, just held each other and let the moment swell over us.
    love your work, child and all.


  8. klimtbalan Says:

    Es preciosa!! He pasado toda la tarde conociendo muuuchas cosas a través de tu blog.
    Thanks very much..
    Very very very beautifull!!
    El proyecto SketchCrawl, lo añadiré a mi blog.
    y el video de pixar tb. tooodo.
    Saludos desde España.