Gus by Chris Blain

Just got this book up in Portland and wow, what an amazing read. Don’t miss this, you might have heard of or read Blain’s Isaac the Pirate, this book is another gem. He takes the genre and turns it upside down, pushes the stuff of westerns way in the background and focuses on clueless men chasing women. Really entertaining and the drawings!!! My god … amazingly loose, kinetic, uber inspiring work! Only complaint, it left me wanting more and specifically wanting more of the main character, who we kind of loose in the second part of the book, but I have a feeling more of this goodness is coming our way.

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  1. j Says:

    I bought this this weekend as well. I’m half way through and loving it!

  2. dani Says:

    Chris Blain’s work is incredibly fun! He makes you feel so much with his loose drawings and has a marvelous way to engross you in his stories.

  3. Sean Says:

    Hi Enrico, You should try and find Blain’s truly magnificent Isaac The Pirate books. I think NBM published those, as well as Blain’s (in my opinion lesser) graphic novel, The Speed Abater.

    They also publish the translations of Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim’s Donjon (called Dungeon in english), Blain is on art duties for their spin-off series Dungeon – The Early Years. I’d recommend all of the Dungeon books. there’s some very good artwork in there, and the stories are grade-A fantasy too, with lots of subtle and not so subtle humor.

  4. Sean Says:

    ugh, completely missed your comment on Isaac the pirate (it’s early morning here and I haven’t slept well, so hopefully you’ll forgive me). But the other recommendations are still valid ;-)

    looking forward to The Venice Chronicles a great deal!

  5. willborough Says:

    I’ve read the second one, which has already hit the shelves in Belgium and its more of the same awesomeness. The way Blain just organically builds up his stories is incredible. His donjon work is also great!


  6. Gus Says:

    A book about me?

    Reminded me of Gus Arriola RIP – Interest interview.

    Gus by Chris Blain
    Something else to read!