Yoga pose for thursday

You should try this one … it’s good for you… So … phew, I just finished shipping out all the Venice Chronicles orders, I’m finally caught up. I hope the books start showing up at your doorsteps real soon and in ten days or so they should also hopefully start showing up in bookstores! I look forward to hearing some impressions. In the meanwhile my family and I are going to Portland for the weekend! It’s going to be Fio’s first plane trip! Exciting … I’ll be sure to document away! Cheers.

2 Responses to “Yoga pose for thursday”

  1. elisabetta Says:

    Hi Enrico! You won’t probably remember of me. I’m Snoopy’s dog-sitter, same high school, same address… Anyway, I’m very proud of your success: you had a great talent, a wonderful power in your hands!
    I hope Venice Chronicles will arrive in Italy sooner… While waiting, I’ll practise my body with the yoga! ;-)

  2. Stuart Livingston Says:

    Thanks very much man, my copy’s on its way – should be here soon. Can’t wait!