Brush pen fun

This weekend, inspired by Aya Takano’s work, I had a lot of fun drawing away with a nice Pentel brush pen. I drew a lot of Fios mostly, in the little Muji sketchbook … here’s one of them.

3 Responses to “Brush pen fun”

  1. cK Says:


    I understand that Ronnie puts his sketchbooks in a safety deposit box as it represents something to pass on to his kids. I think that VC, 24 comic and these sketchbook need to put in safety deposit box for Fio.

    However, you have to make Haiku 5-7-5 available for sale for the art mafia for inspiration. We can charge 40 % percent interest (compound daily) to flippers/resellers who are trying to profit by selling Totoro Forest Book on Ebay. We (Art Mafia) can force these flippers by donating to cause by gun point. :)



  2. Mike Says:

    Everyday I come here to see your newer sketches. I hope that in the future something animated from your personal ideas is going to be released, a cool hybrid between eastern ( miyazakian of course :P ) and western culture. Fio on the cliff by the sea?

  3. Enrico Says:

    cK- eh eh … that’s true about Ronnie … pretty funny but meaningful too …

    Mike- thanks man, that’s very nice of you to think and hope for … with time … you never know … :)