Aya Takano exhibit

I’ve been a fan of Aya Takano for while now and I was delighted to find this wonderful link with tons of new work from her. I’ve spent in fact a good part of my sunday perusing photos of this fantastic exhibition at Galerie Manuel Perrotin, it’s really large and extensively documented. I find Aya’s work really inspiring … in a strange “I don’t even quite know exactly why” kind of way … a few years back I even inquired about buying a piece, but it was already then waaay out of my range. Good for her though! Go Aya!

2 Responses to “Aya Takano exhibit”

  1. ianb Says:

    hey enrico- wow whata a cool link- I never heard of the talented aya takano- thanks for bringing her to our, or atleast my attention. hope youre well.

  2. Enrico Says:

    Glad you liked it Ian!!! Hope all is good on the upper east! Let me know if you’re ever down here on the left coast … would love to go surfing …