Cartoon Art Museum Totoro Forest Exhibit

The Totoro Forest gallery show at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco starts today!!! Dice and I dropped by last night as they were putting finishing touches to the show. Andrew Farago the curator at the museum has done a wonderful job putting up the first part of this show (another room with the rest of the art pieces will open in December) and it’s really great to see the pieces in this nice setting. We are so happy that the art for the auction will get to be viewed and enjoyed by many people in the next few months. The exhibit is scheduled to run till January.

cartoon art museum totoro forest

4 Responses to “Cartoon Art Museum Totoro Forest Exhibit”

  1. Leo Says:

    Noooooo, California again: another fantastic opportunity to see the art from TFP and I’ll miss this one too. I hope to get at least a copy of the auction book. Why do not you plan an exhibit in Europe (i.e. in Italy, homeland of Porco Rosso)? E ci sarebbe pure una citta’ sommersa dall’acqua come in Ponyo! :D

  2. j Says:

    Dani and I stopped by the exhibit on Saturday morning. It made our day to see our pieces hanging there!
    You guys did a great job with it.

  3. Hammy. Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. :) I’m going to go out there and gather a bunch of friends to go there together now. Haha!

  4. Gerald Says:

    Looks great! I am definitely going to check out the Cartoon Art Museum.