earlier chronicles

Not sure how many of you read the other autobiographical comics I did a few years back, but it might be worth mentioning them now, for either first time readers or just as a little prep for the upcoming Venice Chronicles. There’s the one that got it all started, which was a 24 hour comic. Then there’s the scary Night of the Italian Ferry and lastly the first ever comic form canned coffee review. There ya have it. Comics! Happy reading …

6 Responses to “earlier chronicles”

  1. cK Says:

    Hey Enrico,

    Those old stories are great but the difference between VC and those stories is that in VC, you found LUV!!!! When Fio grows older, she can look back to see how her parents got together and their adventure in Venice.


  2. david bernal Says:

    ooh I love them!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!! :)

  3. Stuart L Says:

    Hey man

    Great comics – well I only had time to read the first (at work) but it’s very funny, and very cute. I also wanted to comment on your previous post about your daughter, and not having enough time to spend as you’d like. I’m still in my early 20s, looking forward to starting a family at least in my early 30s, but it’s awesome and highly respectable to hear what it’s like from a young father in the same industry as myself. Anyway man your work is great, hopefully your kid carries on at least a drop of your talent into her own generation so she can show all us (soon to be) old fogies ha!

    Take care,

  4. colin Says:


  5. Donal DeLay Says:

    Love them all. Unfortuntely, I lost my copy of Sketchcrawl vol1. :(

  6. Enrico Says:

    cK- eh eh, that’s a nice thought … sooner or later indeed she’ll read it … I think, :)
    thanks C.

    David- thanks! :)

    Stuart- eh eh … thanks for your nice comment. I think little Fio might end up with way more talent than me, given her mom is a very very gifted dancer. The interesting thing will be to see where will her inclinations bring her … maybe she’ll surprise us all and be a lawyer … ;)

    colin- cheers!

    Donal- sorry to hear that … wish the book wasn’t sold out, I’d be happy to give you another copy … but you know, maybe all these little comics will have to be gathered into a little collection, sooner or later … :)