How cute is that? The only slightly disturbing thing is that I just
ate a totoro…

8 Responses to “Totorocookie”

  1. katsat Says:

    Do you mean “ate” a totoro, not “hate?” Otherwise, I can’t understand what you mean.

  2. Ellen Says:

    So cute!

    It must be very difficult not to burn the ears. Now it needs an umbrella cookie to go with it. :D

  3. Enrico Says:

    katsat- oops … yes “eating” not “hating” … I looove Totoros in cookie form and other wise … ;)

    Ellen- one of the cooks here at Pixar made it … so good!


  4. david bernal Says:

    “ate a totoro‚Ķ”
    I WANT one!

  5. Leo Says:

    Pandispagna o pastafrolla? Please, ask Remy & Linguini the recipe! :D

  6. mnmears Says:

    That’s so cute — and I bet it was tasty, too.

  7. Gerald Says:

    The cookie looks delicious! Did you make a handful of totoro cookies?

  8. Enrico Says:

    Leo- I am not sure … I’ll have to ask the cook here at Pixar …

    mnmears- sure was!

    Gerald- no it was made here at the Luxo Cafe …