drawing joy

You know on some days, only some special days, there’s a amazing joy in scribbling, a sense of exciting potential … a feeling that your pencil contains wonderful things and you can’t wait to look around for them on paper … they are all there you just have to dig them out. You know the kind of day I am talking about it’s one of those that when you’re driving, you want to take out your sketchbook at traffic lights … a day when ideas are buzzing around your brain and you wish you had hours to explore them, discover them and give them all life on paper! ‘Cause you know you have to catch those fleeting ideas down on paper, you have fish them with your pencil or risk seeing them swim downstream. You must be thinking, wow, is that the kind of day you’re having? Well, actually not quite, those “full fledged drawing joy kind of days” are pretty rare but I am having a glimpse of that excitement … today … and here’s the innocent drawing that got me feeling that way … simple little drawing. I wish you all a day like that.

3 Responses to “drawing joy”

  1. Gus Says:


    I have little moments like that when I commute back home from work, specially when the day is full of colorful clouds, and you are able to see the sun break thru patches of clouds. You posted such a picture a while back.

    Do you typically catch your ideas with quick sketches and/or have you attempted to catch them via a tape recorder? I have used the video function of the treo as a voice recorder, not sure if the iphone has something similar.

    I recall reading/hearing somewhere that Robert Rodriguez would call his answering machine and leave his ideas there when he didnt have a handy way to write them.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Stef Says:

    This little drawing is very sweet, good start of the day, made me smile.

  3. Donal DeLay Says:

    You know when those times come for me? All the time, but ONLY when I can’t get to my sketchbook, or when I don’t have it. Like when I’m just quickly going to the store and I don’t take my bag, or when I’m riding my bike to work and see a great-looking sunset and perfect clouds in numerous wonderful shapes, but I only have 20 minutes to make the 15min bike ride so no time to stop.

    Never when I actually have the book in hand or go out looking for such things. No, THEN I have to do three pages of sketches just tog et a flow.

    So, best thing to do is just enjoy it when it happens.