You know, life’s been really busy, a little too busy actually. Don’t get me wrong, it has been so for good reasons, books and auctions and so forth … worthy projects. But there’s a but. I’ve really missed spending more time with Fio. I missed quite a few nights with her and bath time before her sleep is a precious giggly fest of joy. She just loves bathing and playing with duckies and her smiles and chuckles are the most amazing thing ever. Fio just had her half birthday, she’s six months and I notice now more than ever how much I adore spending time with the little bundle. Being a working parent is a tad hard that way though, leave home early come back late. As much as our jobs are fulfilling and creative it still makes me ponder about priorities and what are the important things in life. Granted there is the paying for rent, food and what not issue to consider as well. Still I wish I could just be more at home I guess. Well, I sure need some vacation uh!? But onto the more important things, here’s a Fio fix for you. Look at thaaaat … Fio of Arabia. :)

13 Responses to “perspectives”

  1. dani Says:

    What touching reflections, and such a sweet little girl!
    Go home early tonight!!!

  2. Anthony Says:

    She’s too precious, and that only makes it harder to be at work so much. It’s a difficult task to balance work and family (especially when, like you said, your work is for your family too). Keep up the good work at work–and the better work, with your family!

  3. innocentgirl Says:

    What an unbelievably beautiful distraction she is, I don’t think I’d be able to walk out the door. It looks like she’s listening to Totoro in the first one, then hearing him roar in the last;-) Congrats on the auction too!

  4. Nancy Says:

    What a little cutie!

  5. silvana Says:

    Wow! 6 months already? TIme sure does fly huh? Like Dani said, go home early (if you can)!

  6. cK Says:


    Very cute. I hope that your company has “work from home” policy once in awhile.


  7. mnmears Says:

    Enrico, she’s adorable …
    I hope you get a chance for some downtime soon.

  8. Sandra Khoo Says:

    Fio is just too adorable and precious for words! Oh my! Melting my heart already.

  9. Alessandra Sorrentino Says:

    Come sei mesi?? Mi sembra ieri che leggevo il tuo primo post su Fio.. O_O
    Sta diventando bellissima. Comunque io piu’ che il modaiolo copricapo sottolineerei il “pancino verde”!!!! Un bacio a tutti e tre,

  10. Gaia Says:

    Nell’ultima foto e’ Bellissima e Buffissima!

  11. jp Says:

    Can’t those enlightened dudes at Pixar let you come in when Fio is asleep?

    I tried a new thing today; told work I wasn’t coming in till midday, and hung with the kids. It felt wonderful. I’ll see if I can swing that tomorrow…

  12. Karen Says:

    I can empathize. It doesn’t get easier when they get older either. Flo is so squishable and pinchable! I am sure you will figure out a way to be with her more often.

  13. towbson Says:

    che bella!!!!