The booook!

I received the preview copy of the Venice Chronicles last thursday but I’ve been so busy with the Totoro Forest Project that I’ve barely looked at it. Here it is though … just took some photos last night. Frankly the first thing one notices after having worked so long and hard on a book it’s the small flaws. You always find little things that are not as perfect as you’d wished. But I must say it’s a pretty sweet book, nicely put together, the colors turned out well after all the tweaking work and I really really love the heft of it. It’s nice and thick, I think you’ll like this book.
So … it’ll be weeks before I get the full shipment of these babies, but I thought I’d start taking some pre-orders here on the blog. I just made a brand new store page, the Atelier Fio Bookstore!!! Take a look, see if there’s any deal you might be interested in … :)

bookplate update – I haven’t made any book plates yet, but it will be yoga themed! You can maybe imagine ;) one pose per bookplate.

11 Responses to “The booook!”

  1. Leo Says:

    Bellissimo!!!!!! I want it! I want it! I want it! Ovviamente, sono gia’ corso di la’ ad acquistare la Limited Edition! ^_____^

  2. patrick Says:

    I gotta secure one while supplies last!
    Looking so good.

  3. Donal Says:

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

    Man, I’ve waited a LONG time to see this in print. I think since around page 20-something was posted on the blog.

    My wife said she’s going to get me a copy with a bookplate as a belated birthday present.

  4. Ale Says:


  5. Nat Says:

    Just ordered a limited edition!

  6. Enrico Says:

    Thanks for the support guys and girls! It’s thanks to readers like you I can do what I do … :)

    Donal- eh eh … that is been a while hasn’t it ? almost 2 years … X)
    thanks man …


  7. JC Says:

    woah, what a treat! as soon as i sort out whats wrong with my paypal acct, order’s coming!
    great seeing you at the auction Enrico! you, Dice and Ronnie really are rockstars! =0)

  8. kei acedera Says:

    That looks wonderful!! It was a pleasure to meet you at the action and talk a bit even when you were super busy! You guys are awesome :)

  9. Chris Pitzer Says:

    Wohoooooo! Congrats!

  10. Gerald Says:

    I want it , I do ! Where can I buy it right now ? I am going to check this now. It’s incontrovertible ! no doubt.

  11. Enrico Says:

    JC- thanks man!

    Kei acedera – thanks !!! it was great to meet you too.

    Chris- thank you Chris! For helping me put this book out there …

    Gerald- eh he … it’s only for pre-order right now G, I will get the books in a couple of weeks top. Will let you know when I get ‘em … oh and if you have a favorite comicbook shop in Paris, could you maybe ask them to order these?
    From Diamond … sometimes comicshops don’t notice …
    cheers man …
    see you in January!