Paper tests

Here’s a little drawing of Fio. I’m testing papers to make special Sketchcrawl notebooks! This woodfree (100gsm) cream colored paper is dealing pretty well with watercolors, not much warping, as it’s quite thick and the color went down nicely no bubbly weirdness that some of the moleskine regular paper gives. My pencil goes down really smooth on it too … might be the way to go. :)

12 Responses to “Paper tests”

  1. pascal Says:

    sweet, perfect opportunity to ask you this :
    i know you’re already swamped but what about a section on your blog or site where you’d list/post your equipments finds, tools you enjoy and recommend, this kind of things ?
    i would love that and so would many of your readers i’m sure!

    meant to ask you about a watercolor kit you’d suggest.. thanks!

  2. Anthony Says:

    Cute! Now if only I could get my son to sleep in his crib…how did you do it, or has Fio slept in a crib since she came home?

  3. amelia Says:

    Great! SketchCrawl sketchbooks!! Can’t wait for that…

  4. Gargron Says:

    Can you tell me what kind of paper doesn’t warp? I have the problem that all of my watercolor painting become warped, and so unusable! Or is there a tutorial how to stretch the paper after it warped?

  5. Enrico Says:

    Pascal- good idea … I’ll see what can I do … as far as watercolor sets … I have 5 or 6 different ones, I am always for trying new ones …
    windsor and newton seems to be a good way to go for most … they have different sizes too …

    Anthony- she’s been sleeping in the crib since maybe week 3 or 4 … we couldn’t quite deal with the co-sleeper in the the bed … it’s like having the berlin wall between you and your wife … eh eh .. :)
    Fio hasn’t been an easy sleeper, but she moved to her room and crib a couple of weeks back, we started a bit of sleep training given that it was getting too hard for us at night … and things have been a tad easier since … she sleeps better lately …
    now the day naps are all a mess though … ah well … :)

    Amelia- cool uh? I am getting some quotes from my printer … I figure instead of having expensive moleskines modified, why not make our own! :)

    Gargron- You know, I am not an expert on stretching paper … truth is I am lazy and I just don’t do it ….
    in fact I get a lot of warping in my fabriano sketchbooks. Of course using less water will get you less trouble. But with good watercolor paper you should have as much problems.
    The way I’ve heard you stretch though is by taping the paper to a hardboard, the laying water on it with a big brush … that should do it …
    Let me know how it goes ! :)


  6. pascal Says:

    thanks a lot! i’ll check W&N then.
    as for the section, maybe you could just create a new category to label your posts that are about material, that might be the easiest :)

    i rarely comment but always read and am patiently waiting for the Venice Chronicles to be available, you’re always inspiring, thank you so much for that! :)

  7. Nancy Says:

    That’s so cute; I’ve been waiting for this… Love the little pollywog legs!

  8. Gaia Says:

    Anche io attendevo il primo disegno su Fio!! Mi fanno ridere i riccioletti laterali! :)
    Tenete duro col lettino, non fate come noi che per dormire quando Elia ha messo i denti, ce lo siamo ripresi nel lettone e ora non riusciamo a schiodarlo da li…

  9. Jeff H Says:

    One paper that you should test out is Arches MBM “Michallet” Ingres paper (105 gr). It is white and has a laid surface, its a little more robust than the Fabriano Ingres, which I do enjoy using my blue sketch journal. But my favorite is the Arches it takes watercolor/wet media beautifully! I highly recommend it and maybe check it out to use in the sketchcrawl notebooks. Check out my blog to see a few examples. I can buy just few sheets and bind them at Kinkos, it is very inexpensive and its one the best sketch papers I have ever used IMO.

  10. Enrico Says:

    pascal- will try and do that asap ! thanks for your encouragement .. :)

    Nancy – have to do this more often … :)

    Gaia- eh eh .. si si … e’ una cosa bellissima … sto capello folto che c’ha … :)
    grazie per i suggerimenti … denti ancora non ne vediamo, mi sa che ci aspetta maretta … X) ciao Gaia! Nice to hear from you …

    Jeff H- thanks so much for the suggestion!!! I will try and find that paper … do you know any place online that has it ??


  11. Jeff H Says:

    Sorry for the late reply, New York Central Art Supply has it, their paper catalog is awesome, request one if you don’t have it yet!

  12. Seth Says:

    Pascal, as far as watercolour sets go I actually had to make my own after losing my W&N set last weekend. I basically had a plastic palette and just squeezed some watercolour from regular tubed set. The cool thing is I was able to choose where to place each colour and exactly which colours I wanted to have there. And, you can select a plastic palette which suits you. It’s also a lot cheaper and if you are anything like me you’ll love personalizing it! The colours will take a few days to completely dry but you don’t really have to wait if you need to use them.

    Hope this helps!