Up website is up

You’ll find the brand new teaser for the film there.

4 Responses to “Up website is up”

  1. Ted Says:

    Soooo coooooool.

    Did you do the storyboards for this one?


    ‘Venice’ is looking good too. Can’t wait to see it on the racks!

  2. eric orchard Says:

    I watched it yesterday and my jaw is still swinging on it’s hinges. Really beautiful, it made me want to see it right away.

  3. coxy Says:

    I’m excited about this; also to find that the film’s in 3D. Anyone for IMAX? :D

  4. Enrico Says:

    Ted – yep been storyboarding on UP for 2 years and a half.

    eric orchard- good :)

    coxy- I’m curious to see it in 3d too