VC Postcards!

No they’re not the books, though they almost look like it. Postcards fresh from the printers, you can get some of these at the Con in San Diego at a couple of tables (Scott Morse’s and OutOfPicture Press’). Spreading the word … and no unfortunately I won’t make it down to San Diego this year. Will have to live vicariously through the many friends down there and also you! Have a great time.

venice chronicles postcards

5 Responses to “VC Postcards!”

  1. andreas Says:

    please save some for us people in europe.
    maybe make a special edition and add the card to the book =)

  2. daniele Says:

    i would like to see the book one day, sarĂ  distribuito in italia?
    Amazon altimenti :)
    Conosci il libro di Huck Scarry su venezia?

  3. Gus Says:

    Love that water Enrico – Those postcards look awesome

  4. stoon Says:

    Superbe illustration !
    Greats colors !
    Best regards from france.

  5. Enrico Says:

    Andreas- I will, they’ll ship with orders of the book (till they run out).

    Daniele- I hope to get a publisher in Italy. As far as distribution of this version over there, just ask your comic store … they can order it! It’s through Diamond, like any other american comic. That or just buy here … :)

    Gus, Stoon – Thanks!!