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Ladies and gentlemen we present you: “The Totoro Forest Project”. A little idea that turned into a major undertaking. What is it exactly? Totoro Forest Project is an international charity effort to preserve Sayama Forest, also known as Totoro Forest. This endangered sanctuary on the outskirts of Tokyo is where director Hayao Miyazaki got the inspiration for his much loved character “Totoro.” Over 200 top international artists from animation, illustration, and comics are donating artwork especially created for this cause. On september 6th 2008 Pixar Animation Studios will be hosting an art auction event featuring all these fantastic pieces of art. All the proceeds of this fundraiser will benefit the Totoro Forest Foundation. On top of the auction we are producing a wonderful art book of the auction pieces and we’ve also managed to secure an exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

Miyazaki San has been (and continues to be) such an inspiration to so many of us — a huge influence on me that’s for sure — so we thought it’d be nice to give something back for all the years of wonder and magic he’s given us. That’s how we came to this project. The website just launched (thanks to talented Erena Shimoda) and it’s already filled with amazing art! We will keep on updating it in the next few weeks till we have everyone’s totoro inspired artwork on it. You’ll find all sorts of information there.

Lastly I would like to give a major pat on the shoulder to my great friend Dice Tsutsumi, he’s really been the architect of this amazing effort, together with Yukino Pang, they’ve been burning the midnight oil to make this upcoming benefit a reality. This is an idea Dice and I thought of on our commute to work almost a year ago, we could’ve only dreamed then of the event this is turning into. There’s still a lot of work ahead but we are very proud we finally get to share some of this news with you all. Many thanks also to the other committee members and other fantastic friend Ronnie del Carmen. And a huge thanks to all the artists who donated their work! You absolutely rock! This is an amazing, never before seen together kind of collection. It gives a heartwarming sense of community to see you all answering the call the way you did to help save Totoro Forest. We hope all of you out there will want to participate in supporting this cause with us.

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24 Responses to “The Totoro Forest Project”

  1. Stan Says:

    This is fantastic.

  2. seth domnguez Says:

    besides buying artwork, is there anything else we can help with?

  3. cK Says:


    I will forward this information to people to a different crowd including my parents who are not familiar with this art community and genre. Hopefully, I can bring in some “deep pocket” guys. As far as myself, your blog and circle of friends like Dice has given me a deeper appreciation of the arts. I have no art background and have not even taken art history class but gained iimmeasureable insight. I am so looking forward in seeing these pieces in person and picking up 1 or 2 pieces.

    I will definately forward this info and bring in people for this cause.

    Cudos to you, Dice and Ronnie for organizing this event.


  4. dave roman Says:

    This is so amazing! The art so far is unbelievable and it’s such a great cause.

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  6. Kurt Kohl Says:

    Hi My name is Kurt Kohl. I had work in the Los Angels county Museum of Art plus 20 other museums; and I would like to contribute a piece of art to this effort. I would also donate 75% of all sales of my art for the next thirty days to any buyers. I have been in Raw Vision Mag, and other magazines as an outsider artist.

    a book mention…

    a blog mention …

    NANO show…

  7. Kris Says:

    is it still possible to donate art for this project?
    I would be happy/honoured to make something for this!

  8. Enrico Says:

    Seth- there’s a few different ways you can all participate:

    1- Come to the auction and buy some art (tickets will be available soon, we’ll be sure to let you know when they go on sale).

    2- Buy the upcoming art book (will be available after September 6th.

    3- donate directly to the cause, through the website.

    4- Go see the exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco this fall

    Kurt and Kris

    Unfortunately we are unable to accept any more artwork. I really wish we could but we can only manage a certain amount of pieces of art. We have now more than we can deal with … so forgive us but we are not accepting any art contributions.
    You can see point 1 to 4 if you’d still like to find a way to donate. Thank you for your understanding.

    Stan, Dave, cK – thanks! I appreciate your support! Glad you dig all this. :)


  9. Mike Dutton Says:

    Ah, it’s come such a long way since you and Dice casually mentioned “this idea we’re working on” that evening at the climbing gym, and not even knowing what it was for, I immediately volunteered! …in hindsight, I could never have foreseen the scope of this project, nor be overwhelmed by all the amazing talent involved. Truly humbling, and top it off, it involves one of my biggest heroes in art (to many I’m sure).

    Thank you Enrico, Dice, Ronnie and Yukino and everyone else for working so hard on making it happen. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the show.

  10. Chris Gardner Says:

    Enrico, wow, this is such a fantastic thing! I’ve found my way here by way of DRAWN and I’ve seen that there’s no more art able to be donated. Since some of us have come late to the party, can we donate a piece for next year? Perhaps there’ll be a need again, maybe for the upkeep of the forest or something of that nature. I’d happily and humbly donate art for a wonderful cause like this, anything for Totoro and the forest that inspired his story… Best to you guys. -Chris.

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  12. Alessandra Sorrentino Says:

    E’ un’iniziativa meravigliosa, complimenti davvero. Personalmente saro’ stra-lieta di acquistare il libro e dare un’aiuto per questa buonissima causa. Go Totoro!

  13. eric orchard Says:

    I’m still stunned and honored to be a part of this. It is the most beautiful collection of art I’ve ever seen.

  14. Ellen Says:

    What a wonderful project! I will definitely buy the book.

  15. ketty Says:

    Si potrà comprare il libro anche dall’italia?

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  19. Evan Shipard Says:

    Stunning art and a noble cause. Looking forward to the book.

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  21. Emily Regan Says:

    Hello there.
    My name is Emily Regan, and I am a student in England.
    I am a 22 year old artist/illustrator and would like to enquire to see if I would be able to donate some of my artwork to the Totoro Forest fund.

    I am not well known, or anywhere near as talented as the artists that have already contributed, but I would like to contribute towards the fund as I have an immense love for Miyazaki, his films and his vision.
    I was heartbroken at the thought of Sayama Forest being destroyed due to urban development and feel everyone should be taking part in this monumental event to save sayama forest.

    If there is a possibility of my artwork being accepted, please let me know, as I would be forever greatful.
    Yours sincerely,
    Emily Regan

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