Bill Cone’s Grand Canyon

Bill just posted about a recent trip he took with his family rafting down the Colorado river … and wow, what a treat for us. You’ll find a wonderful description of his experience and stunning pastel after pastel, what a bounty of inspiration! Thanks Bill!

bill cone

4 Responses to “Bill Cone’s Grand Canyon”

  1. Man Arenas Says:

    truly stunning °_^

  2. Bill Cone Says:

    Enrico, Thanks for the very kind mention. Please take note that you’ve been spammed by ‘Peter-hoping to sell his dvd on how to sell art on e-bay”. I can only say that artists globally sharing ideas and information freely is one of the true joys of this technology.


  3. Enrico Says:

    thanks for the heads up Bill. Got rid of the spamming msg.


  4. Colorado River Rafting Says:

    I was able to go on a river rafting trip with a company called bikeraft, the one in my signature. It was amazing.