Looking for a cover

I wanted to continue the posts on the process for the cover of the upcoming Venice Chronicles book. Here are a few stabs I took at it at first, using some pages from the actual book. These few explorations mostly helped me figure out that I needed a new watercolor for the cover, something especially made for it, but also that I liked the feel of the white type on the watercolor texture. I also started liking the idea of a white border around the image. The black border on the first image on the upper left to gives you a better idea of that white trim …

The first watercolor I ended up doing is the little Enrico drawing in the Venetian window. I love windows in Venice, they are so unique and I figured it’d be a great iconic thing to use. Here are below a couple of layouts using that watercolor. After some trying I wasn’t so happy with it, it just doesn’t work as a satisfying cover. The shape of the window makes for too much white space around it and I never quite found a good design for the type around it. At this point I thought of the first few experiments with the white type over the watercolor and felt I should make a new drawing that would work well with that layout idea. That’s when I started working on the Gondola watercolor, you’ve seen in progress in the previous posts. I thought a nice aqua green canal would work well with the white type on top of it.

Next post, the final cover!

15 Responses to “Looking for a cover”

  1. Nat Says:

    I like cover1! the tension between “the” and the edge of the art really pull me into the right spot. while the text layout on 3 feels claustrophobic and 4 is hard to read. 5 and 6 are really nice too but not as inviting as 1 and 2. really cool stuff!

  2. Nancy Says:

    Hey, Enrico!
    Is this book to be a horizontal format or a vertical? I love the gondola painting the best, which seems to be horizontal, but also love the layout on the top right and the one below it in this post. (except that your name is too hard to read on the bottom one.) The window is cute, but has a lot of white space.
    Looking forward to seeing this charming story in print!

  3. Pascal Says:

    Ah.. funny, i love the soft and detached approach of 5 and 6, no distraction, perfect introduction. It reflects the quality of the art inside and the simplicity and humility of the characters and tone.

    1, 2, 3 and 4 feel too opaque and uninviting to me.

    but i’ll be happy with whatever you go for anyway! that’s the point of doing your own book yourself.

  4. Gerald Says:

    I would suggest the second one on the right (up) ;-)

  5. blauereiter Says:

    Haha, guess I feel totally different from Pascal. I love the 4 at the top, very attractive and shows off your watercolors beautifully. I won’t be as tempted to pick up the book in a store if I had seen it with the 2 designs below.

    Just my honest opinion. :]

  6. Pascal Says:

    i’m alone in this! ;)

  7. cK Says:

    Right bottom (4). Most of the readers on this blog are familiar with the Venice Chronicles. However, the cover needs to attract readers who do not know your work. It is difficult to associate Venice with other covers except right bottom (4). From composition standpoint, you really get a feeling that it is a travelogue from this one. To enhance it, the water may need an aqua blue to get the attention of the prospective reader.


  8. Danny Says:

    I like the first set’s top right (2). I like the comp with the characters half in shadow and walking toward the title text… however I like that the title text feel included as part of the image, where 3 feels like the text is just pasted on top of a picture.

    However, I also agree with cK. It doesn’t say “venice” the way the 4th image does…. but the 4th images doesn’t say “a story about us” like 2nd and 3rd do…

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve next. I’m guessing you have some ingeuniouse way to combine the best qualities of 2 and 4.

    Also, maybe I haven’t been reading closely enough lately, but what happened to this one?

    maybe if you added your sweetheart sitting next to little enrico sipping tea/coffee and just enjoying the moment with him?

    Best wishes, can’t wait to see where you’re going with it,

  9. Ira Owens Says:

    Bottom right if you ask me is the most beautiful image, however second right image is fun too.

    All the best!


  10. Alessandra Sorrentino Says:

    La seconda copertina e la quarta sono molto belle. Nella quarta pero’ forse il testo si perde un po’. La seconda, oltre ad avere aria per il testo mi sembra piu’ rappresentativa della storia.
    E la gondola dov’e’ finita? :) Vedere, vedere!

  11. smacleod Says:

    These are all so nice! This is going to be one amazing book. Congrats, can’t wait to see which one you pick. I too like the white type.

  12. Enrico Says:

    Thanks so much for all your feedback and encouragement !
    Incidentally I like the window piece too … I am using it in the title page inside the book.

    The Gondola piece I did indeed for the cover and I’ll show you asap, the final for it … I think it’s pretty much there … the book is almost all finished in InDesign … maybe week or two away from sending the files to the printers …
    Phew … been a long run … almost there.



  13. Towbson Says:

    my fav is cover 4. no lo so perche. it looks so melancolic. me and my girlfriend got free two month´s ago. so we went to venezia. my first time. it was amazing. you have to see it to believe it. it really remebers me at your comic…italy rocks

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