Ponyo Gift

Look at what a nice gift I received from a “sketchcrawl friend”! A Ponyo poster, how sweet! It folds out to a really nice and big size, this goes on the door to my office! Thanks so much Gus, love it. Go Ponyo! Which by the way kind of reminds me of my daughter, not sure why … that cute little face.

ponyo poster

4 Responses to “Ponyo Gift”

  1. Diego Says:

    d’oof, awesome. your sketchcrawl friends should give ME presents.

  2. Anthony Says:

    Less than a month to go! This makes me want to swim to Japan so I can see it when it opens. What a rad gift!

  3. fede Says:

    woooow i can’t wait to see it!!!

  4. louis Says:

    One of the first trailer of Ponyo was seen on Japanese TV.

    link via catsuka: