Artshow in Paris

The fine folks at Galerie Arludik are hosting an exhibition this coming week featuring some of my work along with other three good friends and Pixarians: Bill Presing, Jennifer Chang and Scott Morse. Can’t make it out there for this one, but I hope to make out to Paris next early next year, maybe for Angouleme as well. Bill is flying there for the opening though, so be sure to say hi to him!!

arludik galerie

2 Responses to “Artshow in Paris”

  1. Ira Owens Says:

    Wish I could go!

    Maybe you guys can do a follow up show in SF?


  2. Magali Says:

    Hi Enrico!

    Well, I could make it and the exhibition is just fine. It was nice to see your art for real, and fun to recognise some pieces from Sketch Crawls or to know that one is actually your wife ;-)
    The gallery is nice and cute and the person who was there yesterday was very helpful. I got one of Bill’s book for a friend and hope he will make it to the gallery on the opening night on Tuesday to get it signed.
    Just wanted to let you know that at least one person read your blog and went ;-)