More watercoloring with Fio

Told you my weekend was pretty awesome. ;)

More watercoloring with Fio

9 Responses to “More watercoloring with Fio”

  1. jim m. Says:


  2. Cius Says:

    Wow! I MUST try it with my little Riccardo.

  3. opi Says:

    hi Enrico,amazing work on this blog again.i leaved the studio last friday. I hope to see you in france with bobo….best wishes for your work (did you work on UP…because it s very very good )and of course try to put a lot of goals….

  4. Man Arenas Says:

    I see … ^-^
    Splendid weekend that was.
    happy life that is

  5. anna Says:

    come cresce!
    complimenti per i bellissimi acquarelli
    p.s. qua in liguria continua a piovere, a vederla dall’alto l’italia sembra l’irlanda

  6. Alessandra Sorrentino Says:

    ma siete trooppo bellini :)

  7. Lily Says:

    aw, so cute pic!

  8. Cindy Ann Ganaden Says:

    WOW that pretty impressive! I know when my daughter was that little if I stopped bouncing she would wake up!!

  9. Enrico Says:

    Cius – good luck ! it won’t last long … but worth a try … :)

    opi: Patrick?? Is that you ? I miss you on the soccer field … :) thanks for the kind words … best of luck in France !!! say hi to Bobo, I miss him too !! Glad you like UP, still working hard on it … it’ll get even better hopefully.

    Man- eh eh ^_^

    anna- grazie molte ! spero venga un po di bel tempo … almeno da farsi un po’ di mare …

    alessandra- grazie !!! :)

    Lily- thanks!

    Cindy – oh it doesn’t last more than 20 minutes or so and I do still need to keep on moving … oh yes … funny uh? they sure love movement …