Doodle all year

Just bought this wonderful book by Taro Gomi, who if you didn’t already know happens to be the man behind Mozzarella the monkey. Yep he designed her. I just absolutely love these simple and charming drawings. He’s really channeling the little kid in himself, something we should all do more often with our drawing: just going for it without being self-conscious. All his coloring and sketching books for toddlers are so charming and witty, they really work in the imagination of a kid. It’s a little early for Fio but I bet she’ll be scribbling all over them in no time, in the meanwhile I’m enjoying them. ;)

doodle all year, taro gomi

2 Responses to “Doodle all year”

  1. James Says:

    I was an inch away form getting this on saturday, I’ll have to amazon it now. Such a great thing for anyone really to practice drawing at it’s core.

  2. Zack Roberts Says:

    Thanks for this post. Love that monkey. I bought one for my niece :>