Annecy SketchCrawl

Going to Annecy for the the International Animation Festival? You might want to join the SketchCrawl on June 12th over there. My friend Bannister is organizing, here‘s the flier with details. Wish I could be there to join you all … but I’ll have to settle to experience it from your drawings and photos … :)

sketchcrawl annecy

6 Responses to “Annecy SketchCrawl”

  1. Gerald Says:

    Wow! I wish I could just hop on the plane and hang-out in Annecy for a week and fly back in time for the SF Crawl. That’s a great looking flier.

  2. Braga Says:

    When you decide to come to Brazil and make a Sketchrawl here it would be really cool. I’d really wanna join! Good luck in the next one!

  3. Gus Says:

    Hi Braga,

    You can start a SketchCrawl in Brazil, even if its you and a couple of friends, It would be nice to see some artwork and photos from your location. Visit the forum and post your location just in case others also want to participate in Brazil.

    Can’t wait to see the work from the Annecy SketchCrawl.

  4. Salazar Says:

    I just love those kinds of events.

  5. bannister Says:

    Thanks for talking about it on your blog Enrico !
    Maybe one of these next year we’ll have the privilege to see you here, sketchcrawling with us in France. :-)

  6. Giuseppe Ferrario Says:

    I’ll be there!