Really interesting video mixing modern dance, motion graphics and music. Maybe being married to a talented dancer has something to do with this, but I find this really inspiring, there’s an amazingly interesting junction between video and dance.
link via WarrenEllis

4 Responses to “Omodaka”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hi Enrico!
    I found a couple more of Masako Yasumoto’s dances here:

    and her website here:

    I think it would be fun to catch one of her performances live!

  2. Enrico Says:

    Oh wow … thanks so much Nick … I like that video even better !!
    wonderful stuff isn’t it !!!?? Such good editing …


  3. Thorsten Says:

    – thank you, Enrico, this was what I was looking for, to work on a card we’d like to present a good friend of us today ;-) She is a dancer, too! Unfortunately the picture won’t be dry before making that present now, to scan it ;-)

    Wonderful videos, Nick and E.!


  4. bakufu Says:

    Their videos are amazing but I think their music is even better. I got most of their mp3s from HearJapan and I love it. Especially monkey turn and fortunate 1mark whatever that means. I guess they love boat racing for some strange reason. I highly recommend going through their catologue.