Adorableness level? Out of the charts no doubt, and I’m learning it the hard way. I caught a little cold (which with a mean sore throat and a achy body is treathening to become a little flu) and here I am, unable to help my wife, unable to cuddle this unresistible bundle, even worse I have to stay pretty far, sleep downstairs. How cruel a torture is that? I can only hope I kick it quick and don’t transmit it.

7 Responses to “Adorableness”

  1. Towbson Says:

    haha she got the italian hair style…

  2. Ellen Says:

    Oh no I thought the flu season was over.

    Maybe if you wore a breathing mask nothing will get transmitted. Get better soon!

  3. Man Arenas Says:

    I try to cheer you up Enrico,
    I know the feeling of what you gone thru
    :-) )))) sometimes it’s a hard life to be a daddy, but, that’s why you are look as a hero by the little one too.

  4. innocentgirl Says:

    Get well soon! I feel your pain, I want to reach into the monitor and squeeze her little orange socked feet…. she is unbelievably adorable… and that hair, like a little anime character! Drink some green tea… it helps me fight the bugs!

  5. donnachada Says:

    She’s a cutie alright. Many congrats to you both. Hope you’re getting some kind of sleep. :)

  6. Enrico Says:

    Feeling better thank you … took so much herbal stuff and slept a couple of full nights (amazing experience) and I am better.

    Towbson- punk-italian

    Ellen- I don’t think it was a full on flu, more like a throat infection or something …

    Manuel- eh eh … thank you for the uplifting thought ! very sweet …

    innocentgirl- I had green tea lozanges … :)

    donnachada- thanks … we are getting the “everynightisdifferent” kind of sleep … ;)


  7. Delia Says:

    Your daughter is lovely! Don’t be sad, it would be worst if you pass your flue to your little girl…hang on!