DVD design

Was shopping around amazon japan (ordered the new PandaKoPanda dvd) and noticed how beautiful the design for the Divingbell and the butterfly DVD is over there. Great design … for a great movie (a must see if you haven’t yet).

diving bell and the butterfly

2 Responses to “DVD design”

  1. Dani Says:

    That’s an amazing photo. I can never get enough of good cover and poster art (and I often think we need more of that here).
    Incredible film as well! I’m excited to see Matthieu Amalric in the new Bond movie!

  2. Matt Jones Says:

    Like teh French the Japanese have much better DVD cover design than the UK & US markets. DIVING BELL is a stunning film-Schnabel justs gets better with each movie. I heard this movie described as ‘a new way of film-making’ & it does approach that to a degree. It took some balls to retain the French & sustain those ‘spelling’ scenes. He almost couldn’t fail with such an incredible story. & a lead actor like Almaric.