Yay for Sketchcrawl 18!!!

It was an overcast day in SF but no rain, of course. Thanks to all of you for coming out. We had roughly 60 crawlers around the Marina and Fort Mason today. The rest of the world saw around 52 different locations with avid sketchers roaming about! That’s really exciting, no doubt our biggest worldwide crowd of crawlers. Come by the forums and see drawings from all over the globe! Here’s my offerings from the day (dang trees are hard, gotta get better at ‘em).

6 Responses to “Yay for Sketchcrawl 18!!!”

  1. Saxton Moore Says:

    Nice water under the boat! I also like the tree. The first thing I tried to do in water colors was a tree on my visit to Tennessee and I struggled with it so much. At first I hated it, but I guess it came out alright for my first attempt. Did you take classes in watercolor, or are you self taught? I’ve been thinking about taking some classes, but I find it fun to experiment.

  2. cc Says:

    Trees indeed!! If I could only draw trees better (or as good as yours). These are awesome as always, thanks Enrico!

  3. flaviano Says:

    i really enjoyed this my first Sketchcrawl! it will be great one day to do one with all the crawlers of the world in the same city!
    great sketches as usual (how much time each?)

  4. the doodlers Says:

    Love the boat, it has a fine sense of weight in the water, and the selection of people and dogs moving about is lively. What kind of tree is that?

  5. Jon McNally Says:

    Love that page of bicyclists, Enrico. :)

  6. Enrico Says:

    Saxton- I haven’t taken watercolor classes no … I just go for it …

    cc- thanks!

    flaviano- Great to hear you had a good time!! A SketchCrawl conference? Good idea … :)

    the doodlers- I think it’s some type of pine …

    Jon- thanks !! Bikers are fun to draw!