Work in progress 4

Ok, I continued adding details to little Marit and her parents on the Gondola. Then I started working on the upper left part of the illustration with the ironwork on the window and then the green door. For the stones in the pavement I switched to using the sumi brush, for the hell of it mostly and also since I was feeling the little brush was making me a tad tight. Getting closer to finish now, the boats are the major thing left to do.

venice chronicles work in progress 5

Lastly I am perfecting the art of watercoloring with baby. So here’s another recommendation: use a sling! Very useful and mighty cute. Look at Fio’s baby foot! My gosh so darn tiny and adorable!!!

enrico and fio

11 Responses to “Work in progress 4”

  1. Eliza Says:

    Looking great! It’s so inspiring to see these progress shots. I’d read your blog for a while but never commented. Now you’ve got me going back to watercolors though. :)

    Congratualtions on the birth of your daughter by the way!

  2. Giuseppe Ferrario Says:

    I like your T-Shirt!

  3. flaviano Says:

    wow, i really like all the work in progress post. the red on the boat goes out of the paper very well!
    and you put Fio head inside to not receive any crits from her about the painting, eh!……:)

    who made the caricature behind you? looks like a great painting!

  4. Lee-Roy Says:

    Oh! What? Waitaminute. I just realized — it’s Enrico, without his hat!

    Rare siting. ;)

  5. Man Arenas Says:

    so cute ^-^
    when my little one was that age i tried to work in the same way …but , with the belly I have, I got to far from the table… :-D

  6. Enrico Says:

    Eliza – nice to hear these are inspiring for you … go for it!

    Giuseppe – the t-shirt is by ubertalented friend Rhode Montijo. Love it.

    Flaviano – :) the painting behind me is by another ubertalented super friend ! Dice Tsutsumi …
    he gave me that a few years back for my birthday …
    very lucky man I am … I have great friends! :)

    Lee-Roy – The mystery is solved … I do have hair … lots of it …

    ManArenas – eh eh …


  7. LitPark Says:

    That is the sweetest picture.

  8. sundancer Says:

    ha fine atmosphere:>

  9. Cuauhtli Charecua Says:

    The last shot made my uncle go: “Aww! That’s the way you’d look if you ever had a child!” I find this picture rather sweet and charming, and your work inspiring as always. I loved her super tiny feet! XD

  10. Sant Arellano Says:


    I like your drawings, I saw your online portfolio, which I thought its great!!!
    The Mia comic book is awesome!

    I love this picture.

    “Hey Dad, I just found all this cool paintings”
    “Ah yes, those were done by me!”
    “REALLY?? And why aren’t you making paintings anymore?”
    “Because you were born”

    At least that won’t be your story!! :D

    Keep up the awesome work!


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