Kurosawa and Miyazaki

Last night I popped in the Criterion Seven Samurai dvd and man whenever I start watching that movie I have the hardest time stopping, what a masterpiece! Every scene is absolutely riveting. Interestingly this morning I was checking GhibliWorld.com and they just posted a translated excerpt of Suzuki San’s radio show with, as a guest, Kurosawa’s daughter! Amusing coincidence, anyway give it a read it’s really interesting. I remember seeing the documentary with Miyazaki interviewing Kurosawa in Japanese only unfortunately, but it was still really neat to watch even though I understood very little of their conversation. At GhibliWorld on the same page you’ll also find this wonderful map Miyazaki drew for his upcoming movie Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. Love the whale and octopus islands!

ponyo map ghibliworld

3 Responses to “Kurosawa and Miyazaki”

  1. kije Says:

    now,you need to see all the other very strong movies he did it.the Hidden fortress…Dersou Ouzala ….high and low….akahige……..

  2. Towbson Says:

    i really looking forward to that movie

  3. Angel Says:

    Seven Samurai was a family favorite. Kind of strange for a Nuyorican family living in the Bronx huh? Then again, I’m that’s what makes great films so…great!