Work in progress 3

Here’s the 3rd installment of my work in progress illo. I started by adding a yellow ochre for the stucco on the building wall, then I realized that the steps where little me is sitting could use a little more detail and color. So I added some stones more true to Venice’s pavements (this is also gonna give me a nice purplish gray color in that area). After that I went for the Gondola with a dark purplish black and some dark blue in its ornate details. After looking at some Gondolas reference I added the bright red on the seats and interior. To tell you the truth that red feels a little too powerful at the moment but hopefully I’ll get to tone it down a bit when I overlay some cool colors for the shadows.
In the middle there I added a photo of my watercolors and palettes, isn’t it amazing what wonderful textures and colors one gets randomly out of palettes?


6 Responses to “Work in progress 3”

  1. Lee-Roy Says:

    Cool. I like how you’re taking your time with this. I’m getting a very meditative feeling from your process, which is pleasant. The abstract paintings on your palette are really neat. Yeah, we should all try and learn a thing or two from our palettes, eh? I like the way you’re laying out the images into this sort of montage. Also, in the photos where we see your painting hand, are you holding the camera with your left?

  2. david Says:

    Love it!! the process is soo inpiring!! and the water around the boat feels so nice! :)

  3. JP Vine Says:

    Hey Enrico,

    Really enjoying these work in progress pieces- They’ve inspired me to go back to watercolour after some heavy skirmishes with the sense of timing that you need to work with them.

    thanks for your posts.

  4. Jands Says:

    Beautifull! Beautifull!!
    Thanks for sharing your process.

  5. Enrico Says:

    Lee-Roy- That’s correct, I was holding the camera on these …

    david- thanks!

    JP Vine- thanks, great to hear! :) Have fun with watercolors!

    Jands- thanks!!


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