animating E

If you’ve read the Venice Chronicles (specifically around these couple of pages) you’ve probably seen this animation I did for my wife’s birthday a couple of years back. You might have seen also this little silly bit I did a while back. Ah the things one does for love. Well, I did an another one this past year and I hadn’t shared it with you yet. So here it is! The wonderful song I used is by the amazing Shugo Tokumaru (The track is Such a Color from the album Night Piece). I love both of Tokumaru’s albums, the kind of music that makes you wanna animate to every single track. Anyway, hope you enjoy these.


10 Responses to “animating E”

  1. david Says:

    Beautiful!! the bat singing!
    thx for sharing :)

  2. Stan Says:

    That’s very charming, Enrico!

  3. Alessandra Sorrentino Says:

    Che tenerezza!!! Che mogliettina fortunata! :”")

  4. Alessandra Sorrentino Says:

    A parte tutto, quando ho letto Venice Chronicles ho pensato che si prestasse molto all’animazione, praticamente lo vedevo gia’ in movimento ;) ..Hai mai visto la serie “KareKano”?

  5. kent Says:

    “both”? He has released three albums. The last one in October last year. Just as good as I expected it to be.

    Cool animation!

  6. Alexiss Says:

    Heya Enrico — beautiful stuff. Coming home after a hard day this brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

  7. Enrico Says:

    David- thanks to you for dropping a line.

    Stan- thanks!

    Alessandra- grazie … :) Si qualche anno fa ero inpallato con KareKano … e mi sono ciucciato tutta le serie. Divertente …

    Kent- I have NIGHT PIECE and LST, which one am I missing ? Good to hear there are fans of his music out there …

    Alexiss- yes! Smiles to our faces, that’s good! :)


  8. Alessandra Sorrentino Says:

    hehe l’avevo pensato sai? ;)
    anch’io feci lo stesso, mi ero praticamente divorata tutta la serie in meno di una settimana.. la regia e’ fenomenale. semplice, chiara e tutto con quei “pochi” disegni che pero’ ti fanno piegare… :)

  9. Nancy Says:

    That’s so cute! Do you really play `ukulele?

  10. fedeWES Says:

    that was great, enrico, so sweet :)
    we’re preparing right now the next sketchcrawl in milan, i hope it will be a big crowd :)
    bye, fede