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Last week we had a really interesting guest speaker here at Pixar, Larry Lessig. Great thing is that you can see the same presentation on TEDtalks, right here. It’s a little dry but I highly recommend listening through it. Lassig has some really great points on how law and copyrights can hinder creativity and culture and how in today’s internet/media centric world, where sharing and remixing is prevalent, we need new standards of law. The main idea behind Creative Commons is making easily understandable rules that everyone can understand, Flickr is one good example of what CC has been doing. You can choose quite specifically to what level you want to share your images on it. CC is not about abolishing copyrights of course, we still need protection for most of our creative properties, but I totally see how some other creative ideas and properties won’t be hurt by sharing and exposure, if anything helped by it.
I see SketchCrawl very much in that light, while I wouldn’t want someone to profit monetarly from it, I want its idea and images (like its logo) to be out there in the world, easily sharable and usable. That is the CC idea of “some rights reserved”. In fact I’d want the SketchCrawl logo to be more easily downloadable and sharable in many ways (will have to get on that). So you can print your own stickers or t-shirts, put it out there. Why not share ideas?

creative commons

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  1. Jehu Campos Says:

    Lessig has some great ideas. I wrote a comic once based on some of his ideas, even borrowing some characters from a certain major corporation…

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  3. Enrico Says:

    Jehu Campos- obviously Lessig’s take on copyright law has a lot of people worried if not downright pissed … and it’s been polirizing for sure. In my opinion though what CC is trying to do has nothing to do with people ripping off and making money off of other people’s ideas. I think copyright law will still and always work to preserve the creator’s rights. This is about having better and more understandable internet standards … and also would be regulating work and ideas that are willing to be shared … to me this is important for non profit kind of scenarios …
    anyway … just my take.


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  5. Andreas Says:

    It has been a while since I have read your blog, but I really liked this post. It goes well with a movie I downloaded recent;y called Steal This Movie II about the way digital has changed the way people look at things. It compares our age to when the printing press first came out and the hysteria it caused. Very interesting movie. Thanks for bringing it up.