Ratatouille – Persepolis – Surf’s Up

There’s a … uhm … lively debate regarding the best animated feature film nominations in this thread at CartoonBrew. Unfortunately I get the impression that way too many people haven’t seen Persepolis yet, thus making it not the most informed or intelligent discussion at times. What’s important though this year it’s how all three nominated films are really fantastic movies. Regardless of who will take the oscar home I think I’ll be quite happy (even with my work on Rat). By the way big congratulations go also to Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava and Jim Capobianco for getting a nomination for best screenplay! That’s exciting.

7 Responses to “Ratatouille – Persepolis – Surf’s Up”

  1. Elisa Says:

    e qui in italia persepolis non è ancora uscito -_-; che imbarazzo. chissà poi che nome gli rifileranno, “un’adolescente a tehran”…?

    congratulazioni per ratatouille cmq n_n

  2. Mike Says:

    Ovviamente da noi in Italia ce lo siam sognati Persepepolis…cioè…niente di contrario alle grosse produzioni eh, ma persepolis mi pare una cosa davvero unica, soprattutto da quando i film di animazione 2d son diventati una rarità

  3. smacleod Says:

    Seriously, that screenplay nod says SO MUCH! Considering it was up against all of the live action movies eligible for that category. Incredible feat! Congrats!

  4. Domenic Says:

    I have not seen Persepolus, so I cannot comment on it’s artistic merit, but it seems to me the we need to understand what the award is for. Is it for artistic merit, or is the award to recognize art that would not otherwise come to the attention of the public?

    If we award merit, then everybody has a chance. If we want to pass attention then Pixar should not should not even be nominated for an award. Unfortuanately the Academy has not decided, and they open the possibility that well known films can lose to inferior films. This does not seem fair to anybody.

  5. Enrico Says:

    Elisa and Mike

    I really really hope they release Persepolis in Italy … I am really surprised that it didn’t get released yet … maybe this oscar attention will help.

    smacleod- yah I agree … in a perfect world I’d love to see Persepolis win animated feature and Ratatouille take best screenplay … everybody happy … :)

    Domenic- I don’t know for sure … but I would assume the accademy “should” award excellence in film making … so it shouldn’t matter where the film comes from … and the film merit should stand on its own obviously …
    of course the tough part about this is that these movies are so different … in so many ways … and one is a very important and and informative movie …
    also a movie not many people have seen or have had a chance to see …

    many different ways to look at it here …
    but again … I think it’s great that we are even having such a discussion … we have 2 wonderful movies … both deserving …


  6. Elisa Says:

    (i’m sorry, maybe you prefer if we comment in english, for everyone to understand? :x …my english kinda sucks though X) ).
    bah, don’t tell me about it… distribution in italy have such weird release policy O_o is it because it’s typical for italians to think that everyone else are morons except themselves and their family? so they don’t even take the effort to distribute little jewels like, for example, Paprika (which i hope you saw, cus it’s awsome!) because, eh, it’s difficult…. and it’s japanese…. and it’s animation! let’s put it alongside Bambi2 O_o
    Persepolis will be on cinemas on the 22 february, and ok, the oscar are very popular prizes, but it won the freaking Cannes Jury prize! O_O the hell? doesnt that count anything at all? Is it still gonna get the attention given to a non Disney animation piece -none, that is? I fear so :\

    …sorry for the rant ._. but it’s so frustrating “XD like when they change perfect titles so the “dumb people” would like it better, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” = “If you leave me, I’ll delete you”?!? it’s… so sad :

  7. miguel Says:

    surf’s up is the best…i like the penguins