SketchCraw results

It’s really pretty amazing to see the amount of drawings and paintings being uploaded on the SketchCrawl forums these last few days. There’s amazing work from several European locales and a many cities in the US, be sure not to miss all this wonderful work from all over the globe. Thanks to all of you for sharing your sketches and watercolors.

sketchcrawl 17 chinatown

8 Responses to “SketchCraw results”

  1. Bill Robinson Says:

    Beautiful colors in the shadows. And nice composition too. The sketchcrawl was a lot of fun, I can’t wait for the next.

  2. Anthony Holden Says:

    This is a phenomenal watercolor. I’d love to know more about your process. Do you lay in with pen or pencil first? This is gorgeous.

  3. Enrico Says:

    Thanks Bill. Glad you enjoyed the crawl!

    Anthony- there isn’t much to my method, I draw in pencil (a cheap mechanical pencil) and than watercolor it …
    I have camping sitting tripod that’s been really useful (quite light to carry around) and I can sit and portray the sorroundings from the spot I want.

    One thing I haven’t figure out how to do, is avoiding your legs and butt to fall asleep … after an hour or more of sitting cramped like that, it’s pretty painful to get up and stretch … :)


  4. Elisa Says:

    gorgeous work! *__*
    i tuoi lavori mozzano il fiato ._.

  5. Mike Says:

    Concordo con tutti quelli sopra, splendidi acquerelli, splendidi scorci!

  6. Arna Says:

    What a lovely sense of place, light and energy in this painting. Marvelous.

    I sympathize with your note about the butt and legs falling asleep. If the painting is going well I often sit a bit too long and then wow, I pay for it trying to bring life back into those legs.


  7. Lisa Says:

    Beautiful little painting Enrico. How does one get in on Sketchcrawl? Okay, I won’t be lazy, I’ll start surfing.

  8. Enrico Says:

    Elisa, Mike- thanks !

    Arna- ah yes … totally …

    Lisa- Thanks! It’s pretty easy, you just come to the forums and let us know where you’ll be drawing for the next crawl … then drawn and enjoy on that day … then share the sketches afterward … :)
    that’s about it