Chinatown Sketchcrawl

The San Francisco 17th World Wide Sketchcrawl had a sizable group of roughly 65 artists participating and invading with paper and pencil the streets of Chinatown. There was quite a few of us around the neighborhood that’s for sure, in the afternoon I even had a policeman look over my shoulder asking me how often we had this drawing group, he had put two and two together after seeing so many people sketching through out the day.

One could hold a sketchcrawl only in Portsmouth square and you certainly wouldn’t get bored, there’s so much to draw around there, a limitless collection of amazing characters. I started the day drawing some kids around the playground.


I then walked up to Grant Street where I did this watercolor. Sorry about the low-res photo, I’ll scan and post decent versions of these as soon as I can.

SketchCrawl 17 - SF chinatown

Ronnie, Bolhem and I had lunch at the tasty House of Nanking, I had forgot how many flowers they put in their hot tea. Sure pretty.

I did one more watercolor at the corner of Waverly and Washington, here’s a detail of it. The building was really challenging, so many details and colors.


We met back in Portsmouth square at 4:30 to pass around the sketchbooks. Everybody did beautiful work. Thank you all for joining in the fun, it’s always inspiring to see so many familiar, and also new, faces at the SF crawls.

Lastly here’s a wonderful surprise gift my wife and I received at the end of the sketchcrawl from Nancy Lorenz, who with her daughter Amelia have been assiduous crawlers for years now. Thank you so much Nancy, this is truly amazing!

sketchcrawl17-m and e

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6 Responses to “Chinatown Sketchcrawl”

  1. LitPark Says:

    Incredible – the turnout, the drawings, and the dolls!

  2. Lee-Roy Says:

    Enrico! It was great finally getting to meet you in person and a real pleasure to peruse your sketches. Beautiful work. Your observations and characterization of the kids is just excellent and the two Chinatown street scenes are beautiful as well. It was indeed challenging to sketch the buildings around there. There’s just so much to look at, it’s hard to know what to leave out.

    Also, I already commented on this in the forum, but those dolls are really fantastic. What a great gift!

  3. shawn Says:

    Wow! AMAzing! So much good work this sketchcrawl! Those kids playing is wonderful and your landscapes full of life. That tea looks a bit intimidating but delicious at the same time. :) And I love the little 3D characters from your comic, props to Nancy!

  4. Mike Dutton Says:

    I wish I was able to make it to the Crawl – it looked like a lot of fun…. and sketching in Chinatown is the greatest! So much character.

    And you went to see the Nan King! Is he still wearing his rugby shirt with the collar slightly popped, while pointing a thumb to his chest saying,”You leave it to me” when you’re trying to order? Ah man, that Nan King, he’s the best.

  5. Danny Says:

    Enrico, I was the guy asking if it was okay to use the word “sketchcrawl” in my vacation journal (which I’m planning to publish).

    just so you can make a final veto if you want, this is the page I plan on publishing (we’re standing on a bridge in Lyon, France):

    also note: I changed the name of the movie and the company to avoid copyright issues. I called you “one of the Rixar guys”… if that bothers you, I can change it to “Enrico”. Your call.

    and here’s the journal so far if you’re interested:



  6. Enrico Says:

    LitPark- not bad uh? ;)

    LeeRoy- nice meeting you too man! I hope you had a nice SF visit.

    shawn- Nancy Rocks indeed !! :)

    Mike – Yah too bad you couldn’t make it but there’s always next one!! And yes indeed the guy at Nanking is still there … and yes he didn’t let us order at all, funny.

    Danny- cool man, go for it. I am not too worried about copyright issues with this one.