Gesture drawing 2008

Had the first gesture drawing session of 2008 today, really enjoyed it. Here’s the more successful ones. I plan to try and make the tuesdays’ lunch time class as much as possible this year, it’s too liberating and fun to miss.

gesture drawing 2008 1

gesture drawing 2008 2

gesture drawing 2008 3

gesture drawing 2008 4

8 Responses to “Gesture drawing 2008”

  1. LitPark Says:

    I just love your gesture drawings.

  2. john Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Enrico, looking really good. You make me want to add life drawing to my new years resoloutions too:)

    By the way, did you get my e-mail about the advice posters? Please don’t worry if not possible.

    vvvv best for 2008


  3. weno Says:

    enrico, all the gestures are with the model freezed?
    or do you start sketching a movement and after that complete some by memory?
    great lines!

  4. cK Says:

    Happy New Year!!!!!!

    The one is the bottom is really captures the elegance of the young lady. It looks like it was drawn very big based on the pencil reference next to it. She looks like a dancer by trade.


  5. Skycaptain Says:

    FYI, there are tons of SPAM-links at the bottom of your blog:
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    I don’t think those are supposed to be there…

  6. smacleod Says:

    VERY awesome, Enrico. That model has some really amazing poses, which you captured with so much energy.

  7. Enrico Says:

    LitPark- thanks Susan! :)

    John- go for it! Gesture drawing for the 2008 resolutions ! And yes, sorry about not replying to your email yet, I received it when I was in vacation in Hawaii and haven’t got a chance to get to it … sounds intriguing …

    weno- these are 30 seconds, one minutes and 2 minutes poses. That is the range of this class. I love movement drawing, more what you’re talking about, but it’s hard to find sessions that do that. I remember having a lot of fun at movement drawing back in New York at Spring Studios. Wonder if they still hold that class …

    cK- Happy new year to you too! You’re right I think this model has a ballet background, she also must be an avid Yoga practitioner, amazing balance …

    Skycaptain- really ? Could you describe more of that? where do you see the spam? I can’t see to see it on my computer … thanks.

    smacleod- thanks!


  8. Anson Jew Says:

    Great gesture drawings! This is something I need to practice on more. Thanks for the inspiration!