The diving bell and the butterfly

This movie was screened at Pixar a month or so ago. Due to previous engagements I had to leave the screening half way through the film, a painful thing to do especially given the fact I was already mesmerized by it. As you can imagine I have been eagerly waiting to catch it in theaters and finally I got a chance to last night. The full experience of it completely delivered the expectations I had built up in my mind: what an artful, sad, stunning and deeply touching film! Julian Schnabel (also director of Basquiat and Before night falls) has outdone himself retelling this true story, his visual choices are wonderfully idiosyncratic and they serve this internal material beautifully. The photography and sound design are simply amazing. But I don’t want to spoil any of it, in short: this is a wonderful story and a movie not to be missed, one of the year’s best.

2 Responses to “The diving bell and the butterfly”

  1. Gerald Says:

    Fantastic film review e. Olivia and I are always looking for great films to watch in theaters. This will be next on our list. Thanks.

  2. Wallyworld Says:

    hope i can catch it here in Europe too..