A few Maui photos

Here’s four photos I picked from the Maui 300+ shots I have from my canon. The first is a flipper dolphin off the coast of Lanai island (I was told the mark on his belly is from a small nasty little shark), the second one is one of the many amazing sunsets (this one from Kihei), the third is my wide angle lens on a moss covered tree (at the seven sacred pools hike in Haleakala National Park) and the forth is a long exposure on a road in Hana (also with my wide angle). All these kind of make me want to do new image headers for the blog, it’s always fun to crop photos horizontally like that.
Large versions here: 1, 2, 3, 4.



moss on tree

hana at night

3 Responses to “A few Maui photos”

  1. Gerald Says:

    Whoa! That was really good timing of the dolphin shot. The cropping is really nice. That last photo has such a cool effect. Like a transformer exploded in the middle of the night.

  2. mike dooney Says:

    I always love to see your photos. I’m curious what kind of camera you use. Is it a point and shoot digital, a digital slr, or traditional film?

  3. Enrico Says:

    Gerald- Yes I was lucky on the dolphin one … also took a ton of shots to try and catch one in the air … with no luck …

    Mike- thanks, I use a Canon rebel … a digital slr … a few years old now, I think the new rebel is much better now …