Maui … and Buon Natale!

We just got back from Maui where we spent our last few days in tiny wonderful Hana. I was completely blown away by the whole island and its wildlife. The whole trip was such a fantastic experience: saw whales, dolphins and all kinds of amazingly colorful fish. Snorkeled with turtles in emerald green waters and took an helicopter ride over the island of Molokai and its “tallest seacliffs in the world”. Really amazing. The only thing I didn’t have much luck with was surfing. The waves were too flat on the south side and a little too rough on the north side, at least for me. But it was pretty amazing to just be on a surfboard with a swimsuit instead of a thick as hell wetsuit in freezing waters like around here. Anyway, I have quite a few photos I want to share … here’s one for a start. I took it a couple of days ago on a hike at the Seven Sacred Pools. The flora of the northeastern side of the island is stunningly lush, really inspiring to observe and be immersed in. Oh and Merry Christmas everybody!! Buon Natale! I hope you are all having wonderful holidays.

large size here

maui 01

3 Responses to “Maui … and Buon Natale!”

  1. blauereiter Says:


    Merry Christmas !

  2. Nancy Says:

    Merry Christmas Enrico and Marit! Please do share more pictures of Maui; I’d love to see where you went. We love the North Shore and Upcountry!
    Missing Maui … Aloha!

  3. seeker Says:

    Merry Christmas to both of you.
    For a moment I thought you guys intended to spend the holidays overthere.