Maui sunset

I’m in Maui for a few days, my first time here in Hawaii. What
wondrous clouds here!

6 Responses to “Maui sunset”

  1. Thorsten Says:

    … enjoy, Enrico!

    As you drew a lot in your new style, you might like to see this, I found seconds ago here:

    .. and you might even understand every single Italian word ;-)

  2. Donal Says:

    Good lord, man! How many vacations are you allowed to take? lol

    Sunset looks great. Did you draw the cluds? You drew the clouds, didn’t you?

  3. John Hoffman Says:

    NICE. Yeah, amazing clouds there, and more rainbows than I have seen ANYWHERE. Have a GREAT time!

  4. Gerald Says:

    Glad to hear you finally made a trip to Hawaii. There’s so many other islands you gotta visit next time. Have fun! Can’t wait to see more photos. You can’t see it, but….I’m waving the shaka sign.

  5. Enrico Says:

    thorsten- wow. Great stuff. As we often call work like this among friends at work:”despiring”. So good that it’s inspiring and depressing. ;)

    Donal- eh eh as many as I can get away with … ;) oh and surprisingly I didnt draw the clouds. Weird uh?

    John- thanks man, you’re very right, lots of rainbows!

    Gerald- thanks, my first time here and indeed I’m blown away. Whales, dolphins, turtles! The wildlife is so close here, wonderful really!


  6. Thorsten Says:

    “despiring” — that’s the word I was looking for, reading your Venice and other chronicles ;-)