A lot of lines …


I usually don’t spend much time on a given drawing. This one sure took a little while though and I feel I could even keep on going, adding more shadows. Mostly I was trying to simulate different tones and textures and have the white of her face stand out. It’s black ballpoint pen on newsprint, certainly inspired by Seurat ‘s charcoal drawings but also by this wonderful artist I just discovered this past weekend: Oda Mayumi. I am donating this drawing for the benefit this sunday at Maverix.

4 Responses to “A lot of lines …”

  1. blauereiter Says:

    Wow ! How much time did you dedicate to this piece ? :]

  2. Ed b Says:

    Hey, Enrico, good looking paper play here. I wish it had been me bidding/ taking her home. Heard you got a piece tonight. Allison was so happy to have met you finally. Peace be — thanks for supporting the lovelines out there.

    (415) 642 4840

  3. John Hoffman Says:

    This drawing was easily one of my most favorite from the auction Enrico. From the original I saw, looks like you did keep going on the shadows. Gorgeous stuff.

  4. Enrico Says:

    blaureiter- well, it’s hard to say exactly, the initial drawing was quick (maybe 5 minutes but then all the lines took some hours … spread out in a week …
    the hard part was trying to keep the lines random, I didn’t want to get a “crosshatch” feel … so sometimes I’d try and do it without looking … :) pretty funny … almost zen like …

    Ed!!! Nice of you to drop a line here!! You were missed last night … and yes I am the very proud owner of one of your beautiful pieces! Will have to post photos of my night’s bounty asap! It was very nice to meet Allison!!! See you soon hopefully.

    John- thanks man, very kind. Yes I ended up adding quite a bit of lines after I scanned this. Wonder who actually won this piece, I lost track of it at the end of the auction.

    In fact whoever is the owner of this piece … if possible I would love to see a photo or a scan of it! I’d very much appreciate … thanks!!! I also lost track of how much it went for?? I think it was around $175

    anyway it was a wonderful night with a lot of great art donations on the walls … my lovely wife I had a great time bidding away … :)