More about Seurat …

The George Seurat exhibition at the MOMA is outstanding, I am so glad I had a chance to see it. For those of you too far from New York city here‘s a wonderful audio-slideshow at the NewYorkTimes page (link via Drawn). The atmosphere, lighting and mood of these charcoal pieces is really amazing. Seurat is really one of the only artists in his time that wouldn’t use line in his drawings but instead kept his sketches tonal. I found all this particularly inspiring, in fact after sketching from pieces in the museum, I started drawing some comicbook panels in my small sketchbook. The contours of a story are vaguely taking shape, I am currently trying to see if there’s anything’s worth delving into in there. Anyway, the point being … thanks Seurat for the inspiration and, if you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss this exhibition even withstanding the expensive entrance ticket it’s still worth it.





9 Responses to “More about Seurat …”

  1. thewrist Says:

    Well I think those drawings are great! I love your loose line-I’m gonna try it! thanks!

  2. matt Says:

    beautiful! story feels lone wolf and cub-y.


  3. IRene Says:

    thanks for sharing those beautiful drawing and the link.
    have a great thanksgiving:)

  4. John Hoffman Says:

    Cool Seurat studies. This comic looks FANTASTIC Enrico. This style combined with your storytelling, I would DEFINITELY purchase a book like this!

  5. Grant Alexander Says:

    I love Suerat’s charcoal work. There is a nice little dover book with full page reproductions which I’m sure are nothing compared to the originals. But they are lovely tonal, moody pieces.

    That comic looks very promising!

  6. Tom N. Says:

    Very nice! By chance we found ourselves in New York last weekend for a show and because of your blog post knew to go to the exhibition.

    So glad we did, as you said it was very inspirational.

  7. Gerald Says:

    Whoa! fantastic panels. I’m always for the “Less is More” approach. I’m totally hooked to see what happens next.

  8. LitPark Says:

    I’m hooked, too!

  9. Andre Says:

    The looseness and minimalism of these drawings is amazing!

    It must have been great to see those original works up close.