Ted talks

This Ted talk regarding education and creativity was sent to me today, a birthday nice little gift I’d say. Very funny and inspiring. See if you like it.

3 Responses to “Ted talks”

  1. Lexi Says:

    Ahh, I saw that last week. It’s a really interesting talk. Happy Birthday man – hope it’s a good one. :)

  2. Mike Marinos Says:

    Happy Birthday Enrico

    I saw it last week too – and aren’t TED talks a great antidote to all the not so great things that we get swamped with!

  3. Dani Says:

    Inspiring and thought provoking; it certainly makes you rethink education. I loved it!
    I also highly recommend the following dance performance by Pilobolus:


    A must see, especially in relation to Sir Ken Robinson’s anecdote about Gillian Lynne and the intelligence of movement.