Happy Bday

Finally almost out of adolescence … yah …


12 Responses to “Happy Bday”

  1. Dani Says:

    Have a good one Enrico!
    All the best!!!


  2. Donal Says:

    36? Wow, you’re still young.

    How’s the hunt for a Vencie Chronicles publisher coming along?

  3. andy Says:

    Hey happy birthday Enrico, have an awesome day!!!

  4. amelia Says:

    Yay! Happy birthday! Nice cake hat!

  5. wossName Says:

    Happy birthday, kid ! ;)

    And thanks for doing what you do.

  6. Ted Says:

    Happy B-day Enrico! Huzzah!

  7. Alexander Says:

    Happy birthday, kid ! ;)

    And thanks a lot for doing what you do.

  8. Andre Says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a good one!

  9. Enrico Says:

    Thank you all very much !
    It was a wonderful birthday … I had the most delicious dinner with friends … at Farina in the Mission. If you’re in the SF area, give it a try. It’s food right from my homecity, Genova … as you can imagine I was a tough customer going in, but they certainly won me over! Very good!

    Donal – bit of a long story, might need its own post. The short of it is that after one book publisher passed on it (the one I was hoping for :( ) we are now trying with a couple more publishers … before eventually heading for planB … small press … :)

    ok …
    take care ya all ! and have a great Turkey day !


  10. gerald Says:

    Hey ! Happy Birthday (sorry I am late !) I started a kind of birthday sketchtraveler planning on the blog but I am apparently not informed enough :)

  11. weno Says:

    hey, congratulations! i’m a great fan of you. []s

  12. Anne T Says:

    Belated Birthday Wishes, Enrico! Glad you had a good one!