Some more Haiku

Been a crazy couple of weeks at work, but we’re finally almost done with this push. So … I found a little time to finish page 26 of the Haiku 5-7-5, you can read it here.

page 26 of haiku5-7-5

2 Responses to “Some more Haiku”

  1. cK Says:

    Haiku WTF Part 1

    “While I smoke my Kools,
    I gaze into the mirror admiring
    my bright and shining Gold medallion.
    I have not whacked a bitch in days.
    It is lonely”

    Haiku Part II

    “I snort some gunpowder up my nose

    POOF and BAM

    My FRO is perfection”


  2. Enrico Says:

    Nice ck !!
    Glad to see you’re getting into the gangster haiku !