The second book I got at Kinokuniya last week is filled with amazing woodblock prints by Hokusai (1760-1849). The title, “Hokusai – First Manga Master” is a tad hokey perhaps but there’s no doubt that the rich visual culture of Ukiyoe has had a huge influence on manga’s visual storytelling and even on japanese culture in general. What comes to mind is the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, which earlier this year juxtaposed two wonderful exhibitions (thay I absolutely loved, especially together): Yoshitoshi’s Strange Tales and “Tezuka – The Marvel of Manga“.
Hokusai – First Manga Master is filled page after page with amazing woodblock prints and also two insightful introductions by Jocelyn Bouquillard and Christophe Marquet. I also own Hokusai – One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji from the same publisher. I highly recommend both.





6 Responses to “Hokusai”

  1. blauereiter Says:

    I’m a fan of Hokusai’s work too. There’s this huge hardcover Hokusai book by Phaidon that I’ve been eyeing for years, but the high price is always making me procrastinate.

  2. cK Says:

    I inherited a Hokusai woodblock print – Aka Fuji from my grandparents. It is not considered an original but it is a printed from the original Hokusai woodblock circa pre-WWI (Taisho Era). As I understand, the woodblock was regrooved so it is not considered an original.

    Personally, I enjoy post WWII woodblock print artist, Saito Kiyoshi


    My parents have pieces from this master in their collection. My Dad still has an amazing collection but I am catching up to him with my request acquistions.



  3. Stuart Says:

    Haha cool my mom got me this book for my birthday. It came like…months late but it was well worth it.

  4. LitPark Says:

    That cover is incredible. Tomorrow, I’ll run to the bookstore and have a look inside.

  5. Enrico Says:

    Blauereiter- Indeed the bigger Ukiyoe books aren’t cheap, that’s what’s nice about these little ones … I also just love to see the more rare books of sketches and drawings from these masters of the woodblock print … like this one I got a few years back:


    cK- Nice! you’re a lucky man …. I like Kiyoshi’s work too, thanks for the link!

    Stuart- funny …

    LitPark- isn’t it awesome ? Quite a neck … :)


  6. Mirko Says:

    Oh man I have to get this book, thanks for your post!