Nocturna – La nuit magique -

This Spanish film produced by Filmax Animation looks gorgeous, check the website out there’s images, trailers and more. Hope Nocturna makes it out here to the US.


8 Responses to “Nocturna – La nuit magique -”

  1. LitPark Says:

    That IS gorgeous. You are a blogging maniac lately. It’s nice!

  2. Donal Says:

    That looks amazingly beautiful.

    Also looks a little like Ovi Nedelcu’s style. I wonder if he had any hand in it, cause that’d be great.

  3. amelia Says:

    Wow I can’t wait to see this in English! Sure hope it comes out here…and if not, at least a French version DVD so I can just watch it.

  4. JOAQUINA Says:

    Hello Enrico.I would like to say u that i love your blog and your work.I´m from Spain, and i´m studing ilustration.You´re an inspiration for me.Thank you and keep working!! Saludos!! If you want to know much about me, visit my blog,i hope you like, so it´s too small…..little by little…

  5. william524 Says:

    l like this anime movie…it is fantastico it seems that not only this petite japanese would be a master in anime.but also francaise…

  6. Aldo Says:

    It does look great! ..but its Spanish, not French:


  7. Enrico Says:

    LitPark- eh eh … you’re right … not sure why … but I am trying to share a little but of something everyday …

    Donal- I doubt Ovi was involved … but you never know …

    Amelia- let’s hope it gets released …

    Joaquina- Thanks, glad you enjoy the blog …

    willima524- ah … not sure what you mean …

    Aldo- Ah! Doh! Thanks man … will correct that right away.


  8. Aldo Says:

    Hi Enrico, here’s blog of a friend of mine, co-worker and great artist who painted the poster of Nocturna..

    btw I recommend his blog, he is so talented!

    cheers ;)