Hotel Chevalier

This Wes Anderson free short on itunes is really nice. Wonderful photography and art direction. I geeked out and put it on my iphone. Not sure wether I am as excited about Anderson’s new movie, the Darjeeling limited, but I’ll hold out some hope for it. Soundtrack sounds pretty great, as always.

hotel chevalier

4 Responses to “Hotel Chevalier”

  1. louis Says:

    Only available in the U.S.. Canadians can’t enjoy it ! :P

  2. dan Says:

    Im pretty excited about the Darjeeling Limited, however I’m not excited that we in Canada cant see the short…booo-urns! I loved Tekkon Kinkreet as well, fantastic stuff as usual from 4c. I must get the manga now.

  3. dan Says:

    Also, have you seen the film Ping Pong. It was adapted from a manga done by the guy who did Tekkon Kinkreet. I’m sure you’d love it.

  4. Enrico Says:

    Louis- oh dang … :(

    Dan- I have mixed feelings about the trailer for DL, it’s a bit hit and miss for me … and Anderson has let me down a couple of times in the last few years … but I am very curious …

    The Tekkon Kinkreet manga is awesome, I am rereading it now after the movie … very interesting …

    Pingpong- I love the manga (even without translation) the movie was pretty good … not great … they kept very close to the manga, even in shot composition, which was really neat.
    But, for me, they really made one key bad decision, every single pinp pong shot had a CG ball in it … these guys never hit one real ball … it really screwed it up for me … they really needed to do a mixture of real pingpong and cg to make it credible … the result is a very “forrest gump feel” to all the playing … :(

    anyyyway … still worth watching !