Hey this is really fun … could SketchCasting become a whole new way of Blogging? Maybe … certainly a fun simple way of making sketches and showing them around. Give it a spin …

Link via Drawn

More fun with SketchPad here and here.

12 Responses to “SketchCast”

  1. Mike Thompson Says:

    Hey! It’s nice to see Mia again!

  2. Stan Says:

    Too cool, Enrico!

  3. andy Says:

    Haha! That’s awesome, and really cool sketches!

  4. cK Says:


    Does this mean that your “love” in your life is back? We WANT to see Mia 3. It has been too long.


  5. Dennis DeMercer Says:

    That’s great! This was actually the first sketchcast I saw.

    Question: how did you embed this in wordpress?


  6. Enrico Says:

    Mike, Stan, Andy – thanks! Glad you liked it …

    cK- uhm … it has been so long … on my list though Haiku would be next …

    Dennis- you’ll find the code on the sketchcast site … it’s just like youtube … copy and paste the code.

    cheers !


  7. Sandra Khoo Says:

    WhhooHo! I love it! Thanks very much for the head-up on this baby,Enrico. I’m really gonna enjoy this.

  8. kactiguy Says:


  9. LitPark Says:

    Is that really the order you draw Mia in? That’s wild to watch!

  10. Enrico Says:

    Sandra- Great! Glad you like this … it’s pretty neat … I wish the drawing tools were a little better … but not bad …

    kactiguy- thanks

    LitPark- well you have to consider that this kind of sketch I did a lot when signing the books for people … so it’s kind of ingrained in my hand’s muscle memory … :)


  11. saint eyebeat Says:

    I have a wordpress question. I’m not able to get the sketchcast I made to show correctly in my wordpress blog. It disrupts the entire page. How did you do it? Did you use a specific video plugin?

  12. Enrico Says:

    no plugin, I just copied and pasted the code they give you on sketchcast … do you have the latest WordPress ?