World Wide Sketchcrawl 15

We had a nice and relaxing sketchcrawl here in San francisco at Golden
Gate park. Thanks to all of you for participating and be sure to check
the forums to see sketches from all over the world. If you sketched today please upload your drawings and share them with everyone. Thanks! Here’s one watercolor of mine from the japanese tea garden in the park.

sketchcrawl 15 japanese gate

11 Responses to “World Wide Sketchcrawl 15”

  1. claudio acciari Says:

    Caspita Enrico che meraviglia!Fai venire voglia di riprendere con gli acquerelli.

  2. Enrico Says:

    Grazie Claudio, troppo gentile … un po’ la foto non in focus va a perdonare le cose non riuscite mi sa …


  3. Lee-Roy Says:

    Wow! This is terrific!

  4. Nathalie Says:

    Beautiful !

  5. dan Says:

    WOW! Super nice Enrico, great colors.

  6. Kei Acedera Says:

    I really like how you keep your lines loose yet are still able to keep the stucture and form very solid. Really lovely sketch!

  7. LitPark Says:

    That’s beautiful!

    (And regarding a previous post, I’m glad to know another fan of Italo Calvino!)

  8. Heather Says:

    Hey Enrico…just an old friend from Jumbo Pictures saying hello! Good to see you are doing well- your work is beautiful…
    take care!

  9. vahnzz Says:

    Enrico, você é o máximo!!!

    Suas aquarelas são perfeitas!!!

    eu amo o seu estilo de desenho!!!

    mto bom!

  10. Enrico Says:

    Lee-Roy, Dan, Kei Acedera, Vahnzz – thank you, glad you like this!

    LitPark- Hey Susan, we had to study Calvino in highschool back home, so I didn’t appreciate it then … it’s been great to rediscovering the last couple of years … I am on “Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno” now … its first novel … :)

    Heather- wow, been ages … nice to hear from yah Heather, hope all is good for you, take care!


  11. Sherrie Says:

    Very nice. Boston is having a tropical storm. A Nor’Easter. I will sketch the wind . Your piece is very intense. Did you just use your favorite watercolors, or did you try some of the new Inktense Pencils by Derwent? wonderful piece- Oh, which sketchbook do you prefer? Just wonderful. Thanks for sharing.